Care & Grow is a customized design for the oncology center Daniel den Hoed of the Erasmus MC. The welfare of the patient is the most important part of this project. When you take care of the herbs you will take care of yourself. All the herbs has different functions. With this new vision I created a spatial design witch is conducive to the welfare of the patient. I used “evidence based design” as a design tool where scientific knowledge is applied in the area. This results in a healing environment that supports and accelerated the treatment and healing process.

I chose five herbs that collaborate the best for a cancer patient:
Rosemary: treating hair loss
Lavender: aromatic, relaxing, induces sleep softly
Aloe: speeds healing process, immune boosting, antiviral properties, cleans indoor air
St. john’s wort: lessens depression, lessens anxiety
Chamomile: treating insomnia, relaxing scent